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Communications Ministry

Established in 2012

What is Communication in the Church?

Communication and community lie at the heart of the Church's mission because God's self revelation draws every believer into the faith community. After the family, people experience the Church first in the local parish, where bonds of charity begin and where the worshiping community takes shape.

This occurs through communication: the sharing of faith, the preaching
of the Word, the celebration of the sacraments, service to the poor and marginalized, and the union of the larger body. All church communication-even her technologically or mass-mediated communication should flow from the foundation of God's self-revelation. Human communication in the Church mirrors the communication of the Trinity, the Divine community, in whom we discover the fullness of communion and communication.

How could St. Ann's Community better communicate?

How do we draw others to God?

A team of St. Ann's parishioners joined together in an effort to look at how we could better reach out to all whether they are attending Mass or not. The team brain stormed, spent many hours in research and looked to the Diocese for guidelines and best practices.

The goals for 2012 were to reach out by:

  • Updating our website.
  • Designing and mailing out a Newsletter to active and inactive members.
  • Putting together a parish video.
  • Learning the best practices to follow.



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