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Alive in Christ Campaign

Calls us to Grow, Lead and Share our living faith!

St. Ann's Parish, along with other parishes, joined the Diocese of Orlando in a major fund raising endeavor to provide for the vitally important and future needs of our parish and diocese. The Diocesan key priorities emerged from the diocesan synod in 2005. This synod brought together a 1000 Catholics, laity and clergy to take a thoughtful and prayerful look at the remarkable growth of the church of Central Florida. It was the first ever capital campaign for the Diocese of Orlando.

The Alive in Christ Campaign Goal for each parish was twice their annual offertory.
St. Ann's goal is 1,323,000 and if we are blessed to raise that amount, 35% goes to the Diocesan priorities and 65% remains at St. Ann's for our plan. The pledges are to be paid over a five year period beginning May of 2005- continuing through May, 2015.

St. Ann's plan ...

  • Construct a gathering space at the entrance of our church
  • Expand our parish parking
  • Create more meeting space for our ministries
  • renovate our rectory to accomodate two full-time priests and a visiting priest.

Latest Progress...

  • A Meeting was held Sunday, September 8, 2013 to share the parking lot portion of the project. To view these plans click here.

Money Raised so far ...

Thanks to the generous donations made by parishioners the current balance in the Alive in Christ account on this day, April 19, 2013, after deducting the share to the Diocese and costs of all work done this far is $323,185.

We will keep you posted on the progress!









Fostering Parish Growth Commission Ministries:

Click on the link below to follow the progress made by parishes of the Diocese of Orlando through the Alive in Christ efforts.

Please continue to pray for the future of our parish.

May we:

  • Grow as spiritual beings through our prayers for the success of Alive in Christ.

  • Lead by offering our time and talent in the service of our Church throughout this effort.
  • Share by prayerfully consider a gift.


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